Kickscout app user kicked out of Victoria’s Secret

The driving force behind building Kickscout is to get retail stores on an equal playing field to online ecommerce sites who can easily take advantage of the social sharing, affiliate networks, and content curation sites like Pinterest. Retail stores are threatened so much by these other shopping apps that we are hearing stories of Kickscout users being asked by retailers to stop using Kickscout in their stores. One of our users sent us an email about getting KICKED OUT of Victoria’s Secret.

got KICKED OUT of Victoria’s Secret tonight!!  The manager ACTUALLY demanded I DELETE the photo! That’s AFTER I explained what Kickscout could DO for her business…..

Sorry—- this is really frustrating when you’re trying to promote the business THEY ARE WORKING  FOR!!!! acccck!

Above is the Christmas Victoria’s Secret lingerie Jeanann was scouting for her friends while the store was kicking her out.

We reached back out to Jeanann to elaborate on why she felt so passionate about this, she replied:

Has anyone out there NOT heard countless stories about the “difficult retail environment” and the concerns over “4th quarter retail numbers missing the mark?” Add to that, the fact that many chains are feeling the economic pinch from the high expense of operating brick-and-mortar locations, and you’d think they would WELCOME a little assistance from a retail aid like my favorite new app “Kickscout!”

But no—- instead of appreciating the fact that I am trying to tempt my sister into buying the same Michael Kors handbag that I just snagged, or stimulate some interest in a giant “group gift” assortment of lingerie for a bridal shower, I am kicked out of the store after I refused to delete the photo I uploaded to Kickscout! Stop the insanity, retailers—- this is NUTS! If you want us to buy from you, stop being so paranoid about what technology can do TO you, and embrace what it can do FOR you!!

As an app developer, you’ve got to love passionate emails like this. This user understands the greater problem and our solution.  We understand her frustration as a user but also don’t blame retailers entirely for this.  From their standpoint, they are under attack.  Other shopping apps are designed to steal their customers away from them.  They probably assumed Kickscout was one of those apps.  This story just shows how much retailers fear the existing shopping apps. The impact to their business is real and the problem is great. It will take some time to educate these retailers that Kickscout is their friend but we are up for the challenge. We are here to help. All shopping can be fun and social, not just online shopping.

Happy Scouting,

The Kickscout Team

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