Kickscout launch from Beta

Over the last 10 months we have been openly building Kickscout while allowing anyone to sign up. We used ZERO marketing to attract new users as we wanted only the true trendsetters to find us. We wanted to build the product you wanted. With your input, your thoughts and your ideas, we set our sights on making Kickscout the best shopping app ever. And it worked!

Today we are stepping out of beta with an official launch of Kickscout.

Kickscout is the first e-commerce site to combine the online and in-store shopping experiences. While some of you love to shop online, others love to shop in stores, and many love to do both, the one thing you all share is the desire to help each other discover great products and make great purchases online and in local retail stores. Kickscout now allows you to do just that.

Here’s how it works

Shop online
User profile of Kicked products screen shot
• Discover popular products a community of over 2,000 shoppers are sharing
• Save online products you love
• Refer, comment, and get opinions on products from your friends

Shop in stores
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• In-store discovery of the products you and friends saved online
• Get paid to shop for friends at local stores
• Save in-store products you love

 Buy anywhere
Kickscout Feed screen shot
• Buy products online
• Buy products in local stores

We are really excited about the product we have built and hope you are as well. As always, you can reach us via email at or on Facebook at

The Kickscout Team
Kickscout-Shop as a team.

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